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Clients expect commitment and meaningful results for any service, whether it is a long-term multi-faceted project or one project.


We know our clients are looking for insightful, compliant solutions to overcome a variety of obstacles.


With experience in valuation, review, education, technology, compliance, and coaching, we provide innovative solutions.

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Joshua Walitt is the principal consultant for Walitt Solutions. He provides short- and long-term consulting services related to valuation methods, education, review techniques, and investigations. Clients include lending institutions, appraisers, appraisal management companies, attorneys, accountants, education providers, regulators, and others.

Walitt Solutions supports appraisal companies and Individual appraisers. Help AMCs ensure their policies and procedures meet requirements. Help Banks and Lenders by providing support services regarding appraisal, evaluation, and review standards and procedures. Providing Regulators assistance to regulatory agencies and provides Education tools to clients.

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What we bring to you

Banks and Lenders

We provide services related to valuation methods, as well as vendor engagement processes, quality and…

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With the changes in today’s valuation space, it’s hard to keep up. Consult with us on efficient analysis, appraisal methods…

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With experience in valuation, reviewing, appraisal management, testimony, teaching, and regulatory participation, we provide…

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Education Providers

Whether a client needs a course, seminar, or meeting presentation, we design, review, and present materials online, in classrooms…

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Appraisal Management Companies

Each state is different, so compliance for an appraisal management company can be…

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Other Clients

We provide guidance and other services to attorneys, home owners, real estate agents, assessor offices, accountants, and…

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Experience and Designations

Over 20 years of experience

0 Subject Matter Expert

0 SRA & AI-RRS, Appraisal Institute

0 CDEI, International Distance Education Certification Center

0 AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

0 Appraisal Institute-approved Instructor

Testimonials & Clients

Here's what our clients say

Shawn HMortgage company

Josh really cares about the quality of his work and is highly detail oriented. I highly recommend and endorse Josh as an expert.

Mark SChief Appraiser, lending institution

His work is of the highest quality, consistent, well-written and comprehensive, maintaining the highest standards and professionalism. Josh is always timely and often exceeds expectations.

Erika DReal estate professional

Each class offered by Mr. Walitt was well worth the time. His courses are organized and clearly presented, with the information adding to my skill set. In addition, he offers a sense of humor along with the material.

Dennis BAttorney

We were able to prevail due to Joshua's testimony. His testimony was clearly stated - the judge obviously found Joshua's testimony convincing... the court seemed transfixed on what he was saying.

Dennis EChairman, lending institution

Excellent performance. In our partners, we look for professionalism on the job and an ability to work with others. You possess these abilities and represent us very well. I consider you a great asset.

Brent GCounty government

I count Mr. Walitt among a small group that I rely on as an authority. He exhibits sound judgment, strong ethics and competency with a wide variety of properties. I find his decisions to be well-supported.

Siska HCornerstone Valuation

It was a pleasure having him ramp up the company's residential appraisal section. He is knowledgeable not only with rules and regulations but also with technology tools to efficiently solve problems.