Services for Appraisal Management Companies

Our team provides support services, team training and other consultation support for Appraisal Management Companies. We offer a variety of customizable services to fit the needs of small, medium and national AMCs.


The following annual services are completed depending on the timeframes required by the AMC client, regulators and other factors.


Each state or jurisdiction has approximately 2 to 4 tasks annually, or about 125 total annual tasks for a national footprint. The tasks include:

  • AMC registration renewal preparation
  • AMC National Registry Fee submission preparation
  • Additional state AMC regulator document preparation (e.g., annual certification)
  • State bond renewal preparation

This service does not include support for registered agents, secretary of state filings, or related processes.


The Annual AMC Service Package is billed monthly based on the number of registered states in the client footprint. Discounts are given to greater national coverage.


Includes 4 to 6 hours of non-CE Compliance Training. Topics include valuation independence (appraiser independence), revisions, reconsiderations, USPAP basics, ECOA, UDAAP, and security-related topics that meet state and lender-client training requirements. The package includes up to two live online presentations per calendar year with any additional presentations at an added cost.

  • Online self-paced Compliance Training is also available from Walitt Solutions, but is not included in the monthly service plan.

Exams and audits on the following topics are performed, once per calendar year and include:

  • Procedures and Processes-in-Place
  • State Registrations and Bonds
  • State Panel System
  • Vendor Profile Quality Assurance
  • File Quality Assurance
  • Panel Removal
  • Training
  • Valuation Independence
  • Appraisal Payments
  • Periodic State Reviews progress
  • Quality Control


A few additional hours (in addition to any time spent on tasks above) are included in the monthly service package. This would cover various additional services and support. After the additional hours, service is charged at an hourly rate. Hours may be carried over one month only and are used last in that month.


The policy and procedure review and compliance audit service package will include the following services:

  • Comprehensive review of the company’s current policy and procedure manual
  • Written recommendation on improvements to the policy and procedure manual including any state or federal compliance requirements
  • Analysis and review of company documentation for onboarding new clients
  • Audit of the Appraisal Management System (AMS) for compliance, proper documentation and implementation of active policies and procedures
  • Support related to training records, including key person and staff requirements
  • Creation of and recommendations for other forms, procedures and other documents

Includes an initial consultation, 25 consulting hours, written policy and procedure improvement recommendations, and an implementation meeting.

Any additional consulting hours are billed at an hourly rate.


Our team will help you design, monitor, implement and track a periodic compliance review program for your AMC. We will work closely with your team and any outside vendors performing reviews.


Billed on a per order or project basis.


Courses and team training can be provided in a virtual classroom (utilizing Zoom) or at a physical location of your choosing. Custom classes can be designed to meet your specific company needs.

  • 7-Hour and 15-Hour USPAP courses
  • Custom Compliance and Independence training
  • Appraisal and AMC courses
  • Miscellaneous training

Courses and team training has a base cost plus a per-student rate.

Additional services are billed hourly each month.


Walitt Solutions offers a variety of miscellaneous and custom consulting services which are not specifically included in the annual AMC service package.

  • Vendor panel removal support
  • Mandatory reporting support
  • Application, renewal, due-diligence support related to an AMC’s lender customers
  • Customer issues support (e.g., lender disputes, escalations, and buy-backs)
  • Support liaison with the AMC’s platform or other service partners
  • State AMC audits, state correspondence, disciplines, investigations support
  • Reporting changes made to key persons, addresses, contacts, and other information to state AMC regulators
  • Training records support, including key person and staff requirements
  • Support for AMC new-state applications and reinstatements preparation
  • Surety bond application support
  • Creation and recommendations for forms, procedures and other documents
  • Other miscellaneous compliance assessments and audits

Walitt Solutions can provide customized consulting, advice, guidance, training, additional exams, or special projects that are specifically suited to your company needs.

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Walitt Solutions is not an appraisal management company and does not provide appraisal management services.