Service to management companies

Each state and client is different, so compliance for an appraisal management company can be challenging. With a valuation and compliance skillset, we help your company with policies and quality assurance related to panel management, required and best-practice staff training, periodic review requirements, procedures, and assignment process.

Listed below are some common services we provide appraisal management companies. Or, download a list here.

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  • Subject matter expert for general consulting, guidance, training, and special projects
  • Forms and document review
    • Vendor engagement agreements
    • Client service level agreements
  • Product development
  • USPAP support (AQB Qualified USPAP Instructor)
  • Panel management compliance
    • On- and off- boarding process support, state-specific requirements
  • Quality assurance and internal exams
    • Vendor profiles
    • Order documentation
    • Valuation independence
    • Procedures – development and review, including state-specific requirements
    • State-required periodic appraisal review process
  • Quality control and screening program support
  • Custom training
    • Remote or on-site
  • Company liaison
    • Lender renewal/ due-diligence processes
    • State audit, investigations, and disciplinary action support
    • Third party projects
  • Escalations support
    • Lender disputes and reconsiderations
    • Buy-back and investor issues
  • Registration support
    • AMC registrations
    • Bonds
    • Registry fee submissions
    • State filings
    • Reporting of changes to company information

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