Joshua Walitt is the principal consultant for Walitt Solutions. He provides short- and long-term consulting services related to valuation, education, review, and investigations. Clients include lending institutions, appraisers, appraisal management companies, attorneys, accountants, education providers, regulators, and others.

Based on over 20 years of experience, Walitt’s skillset includes appraisal, banking, regulations, policy, training, licensing, audit, and enforcement. His core goal is to foster clients’ efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and growth through sound reasoning and communication skills, appropriate methodology and technology, and proper oversight.

He writes for industry publications and speaks at events such as the Appraisal Institute’s Annual Conference, Appraisal Summit and Expo, Valuation Expo, Appraiser’s Conference and Trade Show, Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials, and other client and industry conferences. Walitt designs seminars and continuing education courses for online and classroom delivery.

In 2013, he was the appraiser member of Colorado’s AMC Rulemaking Taskforce. In 2015, Walitt designed the Market Machine, a market analysis and modeling tool used by appraisers throughout the U.S. He has also provided valuation consulting for international applications. Walitt has been recognized as an expert witness in local and federal court.

Walitt holds the SRA & AI-RRS designations with the Appraisal Institute, is a member of the National Association of Appraisers (MNAA), holds a Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI) certificate, is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, is an Appraisal Institute approved instructor, and served on the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers.

Walitt Solutions is not an appraisal management company and does not provide appraisal management services.


Here's what our clients say

Shawn HMortgage company

Josh really cares about the quality of his work and is highly detail oriented. I highly recommend and endorse Josh as an expert.

Mark SChief Appraiser, lending institution

His work is of the highest quality, consistent, well-written and comprehensive, maintaining the highest standards and professionalism. Josh is always timely and often exceeds expectations.

Erika DReal estate professional

Each class offered by Mr. Walitt was well worth the time. His courses are organized and clearly presented, with the information adding to my skill set. In addition, he offers a sense of humor along with the material.

Dennis BAttorney

We were able to prevail due to Joshua's testimony. His testimony was clearly stated - the judge obviously found Joshua's testimony convincing... the court seemed transfixed on what he was saying.

Dennis EChairman, lending institution

Excellent performance. In our partners, we look for professionalism on the job and an ability to work with others. You possess these abilities and represent us very well. I consider you a great asset.

Brent GCounty government

I count Mr. Walitt among a small group that I rely on as an authority. He exhibits sound judgment, strong ethics and competency with a wide variety of properties. I find his decisions to be well-supported.

Siska HCornerstone Valuation

It was a pleasure having him ramp up the company's residential appraisal section. He is knowledgeable not only with rules and regulations but also with technology tools to efficiently solve problems.