The Market Machine is an excel-based stand-alone tool for real estate appraisers and other valuers, for use on PCs (not for Mac). Market Machine uses the data that you export from your MLS or other data source. It requires 2010 or 2013 (or newer) 32-bit version of MS Office Excel. Once you buy it, you have it for your use, with no monthly or annual fee. Your local data stays with you and the Market Machine transmits no data to us.

You export your own MLS data, typically 24 months of sales along with all the current actives, pendings, and under-contracts. Then, within Market Machine, you generate charts, graphs, and narrative summary of the data. A notable feature is the regression model page, where you build a custom statistical analysis of property characteristics for a particular market segment – you are in control of building the model (the machine does not build the model for you). Attach pages to your appraisal report, as you deem appropriate for the assignment. Additionally, the Market Machine generates an excel file of all the data you used, for you to retain in your workfile.


  • Generate reports and graphs in minutes, beginning to end.
  • Included are 1004MC* and ERC formats, as well as more robust and informative charts and graphs related to prices, unit prices, ages, concessions, distress sales, new properties, number of sales, supply, and other indicators broken out by month, quarter, and year, and showing highs, lows, percentiles, and central-tendencies.
  • You can choose to import just a small pool of sales and listings from your MLS, or you can import the entire “universe” of sales and listings from your MLS and run multiple sets of reports. Or, apply filters to the data after importing your data. It’s your choice!
  • Build a regression model to isolate the statistically-likely values of sq.ft., acreage, garage, distress sale, and other characteristics you included in you export from your MLS. Customize the model each time.
  • A market summary page provides narrative-type statistics, assisting in completing various parts of the URAR, 1004MC, and other forms.

*The Market Machine calculates most of the numeric fields on the 1004MC, but does not calculate the prior periods’ Active listings.

View the Market Machine playlist, including segments and entire run-throughs. The videos instruct on the workflow, buttons, fields, and screens of the Market Machine. Users are responsible for having an understanding of market trend analysis, property characteristics, data sources, and regression modeling to be able to properly understand input, operations, and output of the Market Machine. 



Cost is $350 for one user; discounts apply for multiple users in an office.  By paying for, receiving, and or using the Market Machine, you agree to the Terms and Conditions/ Software disclosure.